Thursday, September 24, 2009

Acne Prevention Best Methods

No one wants to have acne. There are steps that you can take to prevent acne, and these steps come in the form of several acne treatments. How do you know if you need one of them?

If you feel self-conscious to go out in social situations because of acne on your skin, you are surely in need of an acne treatment. If you are feeling desperate to get rid of the acne that is causing your skin to blemish, do not lose hope and feel despair. There happens to be a variety of ways to prevent acne from ruining your face and your social like.

Purchase an over-the-counter acne treatment:
There are many ways that you can prevent acne from taking over. First of all, you can use an over-the-counter acne treatment, which will help your skin to clear up as well as prevent acne from forming in the future. You can use over-the counter acne treatments during times when your face is fine, to prevent acne from occurring down the road. Over-the-counter acne prevention method is great for people with milder cases of pimples. Over-the-counter types of treatments are typically in the forms of body washes, gels, cremes, and soaps.

Visit a dermatologist:
If your acne is moderately to extremely severe, you should skip getting an over-the-counter acne treatment and go directly to a dermatologist. This is especially true if you have cysts or acne that is causing scars on your skin.

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who can carefully and closely study your skin and determine the absolute best treatment for it. A dermatologist can also give you some very good tips on how to avoid acne and take proper care of your skin. If necessary, a dermatologist can provide you with a strong prescription medication to deal with the issue at hand.

A dermatologist will take a look at all areas of your skin. After all, acne is most prone to occur on the face, but you can also break out in acne on your shoulders, neck, back, and just about any other place.

As for drugs - there are a number of drugs on the market today that can treat acne breakouts. Among these drugs are antibiotics, Retin-A, and Acutane. All of these types of treatments will dry out the infected areas of your skin and prevent oils from building up and causing acne.

Carefully assess your life situation:
Try to pinpoint exactly what is causing your acne. There are many factors that may easily cause you to have an acne breakout. Some of these factors include puberty, stress, environmental factors, hormones, and pregnancy. Try not to panic if you have a breakout. Remember: Every person on the planet, at one time or another, will suffer from acne. Adults get acne and babies get acne. If you relax and try to reasonably deal with the situation, you will succeed in getting it cleared up without any added stress.

By : Matthew Hick
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting a Prescription for Acne Medication

Some people have acne so intense that it is necessary for them to seek professional help. For some people, they must see a dermatologist to help with this annoying problem. When they go to the dermatologist for help, they will sometimes recommend a prescribe acne medication to help with the problem.

There are many prescription medications that are used today to help treat acne. Most of them are applied to the skin and are used for mild to severe acne. There are however, other methods of treating acne from the inside out and those require an oral method of taking the acne medications. This is important for people that have extensive acne problems that keep getting worse instead of better.

There are some dermatologists that use therapy to help control an acne problem for some of their patients. For this to occur, the acne has to be so severe and intense that there are no other methods of treatment working or if the patient and the acne is not responding to any other form of treatment.

There are also acne medications that are taken by mouth. These are antibiotics that a patient has to take on a regular basis to help control the acne. The dosage will usually start out high and then lessen as it is becoming effective.

There are also injections that can be a form of acne medication. This is used to treat severe acne and it will help to prevent scarring. Again this method is used for the people that have acne so severe and no other method of treatment is working to their benefit.

A lot of women will use oral contraceptives to help control their acne. This form or acne medication will affect the hormones in a women body and will lessen the chance of them having acne. This is a great idea for women who have an acne problem and want to take a contraceptive at the same time. There are some women however, that it has the reverse effect on.

There are a variety of different acne creams and ointments to use for acne medication as well. These are found both in the store and sold as prescriptions. The more intense creams and ointments are prescribed and do cost more. When you have a complex form of acne that is hard to treat, this is when the prescription medications have to be used.

It is all up to the person with acne if they think that they should seek professional help for their acne medication or not. They will know when they can no longer take care of the problem and need to have help.

By : Ivar Rudi
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reveal Great New Skin With An Acne HomeMade Mask

Don't dive straight in with an acne homemade mask. You may regret it is you're not careful.

If someone ever told you that rubbing some vegetable on your face creates an acne mask that really works. Or some crazy kind of facial cleanser product will be yours just by slapping on a herb or spice - open your ears and listen hard, because you'll probably hear your face yelling out for mercy.

A homemade acne mask may sound mighty appealing, and that mask may smell not too bad with orange peels and the like smothering all of the pores on your face, but remember that an acne home made mask is only as pure - and that means as clean, and free of bacteria - as that kitchen counter-top where it's created.

Acne Mask That's Homemade Cheap...Or Facial Cleanser That Treats Your Face With Respect

The message is hopefully obvious that a cheap homemade product isn't giving your face the 'props' it deserves. Whether you need an acne mask or a facial cleanser, your face will be much better off if you just scratch that homemade acne mask or any other homemade concoction of a facial cleanser off your grocery-shopping list.

A homemade product is just what the doctor ordered if you're making cranberry muffins or a bowl of oatmeal, but your sensitive face is a different subject altogether, especially if you suffer from acne and need an acne mask or facial cleanser that will work - and not make your face worse off.

Look in your bathroom mirror and ask yourself if that homemade acne mask will treat your face the way you wanted it to be treated. Then get the right cures for acne, since that home made mask will now thankfully be out of sight.

By : Jon Butt
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Most Common 3 Errors That Will Prevent You From Ever Successfully Treating Your Acne

Let me be straight up...

I counsel plenty of acne sufferers every day. Some get results ASAP. While others struggle. Those that struggle Ive noticed share some commonalities.

Heres some of my observations of the pitfalls acne sufferers face and how to avoid them.

#1 Mistake: They believe the problem is with their skin and try to fix the problem topically...

Acne, all acne, be it adult acne or teenage acne is not a skin disease. Now, before you think Ive gone crazy please hear me on this one...

Your skin is only an external reflection of your internal health.

To solve your acne dilemma you must forever abandon the notion that you will be able to put something on your skin that will cure your acne...that the problem is with your skin.

How do you fix the inner dilemma ? We'll get to that so stay tuned.

#2 Mistake: Acne patients do not have a keen understanding of what is really causing their acne...

Some will tell you brownies is the cause of acne. Others blame it on too much sex, or birth control pills, or lack of birth control pills.

While others shout "it's becasue of bad diet", or bad hygiene. While others say food doesn't effect acne.

And a swarm of other ideas.

(By the way, they are all incorrect, none of these are the true cause of acne).

And because they never find out whats really causing their acne they waste their valuable time and money on useless remedies that never really address the the root acne cause.

The most important first step to becoming acne-free is to understand exactly whats causing it. (Please see my special report on The Real Cause Of Your Acne.

#3 Mistake: If they ever do find out whats the cause of they don't have a strategy or procedure that works...

...Or they are missing a key piece to the puzzle that's stopping them from getting results. Often having part of the solution is worse then having the full answer.

So they get discourage and give up...Only to jump for the next quick fix acne cream or acne fad...But they never fix the underlying problem. But they never fix the acne cause.

They end up suffering longer when they don't have to. And they suffer yet more years when its unnecessary.

Hear me on this one please...

...Your life is worth it. Take the time to accurately comprehend whats really causing acne and how to end it. Trust me, getting this knowledge is time well spent.

But be careful who you learn from...

...Most don't have a clue of whats really the cause of acne. Listen to those who are getting results who have cured their own acne and helped others do the same.

I solved my own acne dilemma. And you can to.

About the Author
"I was sick and tired of the lack of results with the common acne treatments" says ex-acne sufferer Leo Kiesen. "I had insight that there must be a universal cause of acne, and there must be a natural treatment that works." That understanding got him started an a quest to discover the true acne cause and the non-medical solution for acne. That hunt lasted over ten years before he found the answer. He now counsels other acne sufferers how to do what he did. To learn more check out: