Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Is A Good Acne Treatment?

Anyone that has ever had acne, and most of us have had it to some degree, knows that it is a problem. The problem, however, is to be expected at certain ages, and at certain times. We all know that understanding it does not make our consciousness of having pimples go away. Instead, you want a remedy, or a medicine, or something that will just help it to go away. What can we do in an effort to get an effective acne treatment?

Before we look at a good acne treatment, it is important to understand what causes acne. Otherwise, you may be largely undoing whatever method you use. To make it very simple, acne is largely caused by our natural skin oils clogging the pores of our skin, and then a natural bacteria, which thrives on skin oils, causes the infections which results in acne.

In addition to this, acne can be triggered, or accentuated, by certain things. Two of the most common triggers are stress, as well as the ladies monthly cycle. Other triggers would be testosterone (in men and women), certain medications and steroids, and simply picking at or squeezing the pimples.

The Basics of Acne Treatment

Here are a few general ideas that will help if you have a regular type of acne.

Keep Your Face Clean

The first thing that you can do, and probably the most important, is to keep your face generally clean. Although this will only help some, nevertheless - it does help. Avoid excessive washing because your face does need some natural oil to keep it healthy - probably twice a day is good, and especially after strenuous activity.

Use Over-The-Counter Medications

More and more medications are appearing on the market to deal with this problem. Because one person's skin type and amount of oils may differ, what works for one may not have quite the same effect on another. Probably one of the most important ingredients to look for is benzoyl peroxide, which acts as a good antibacterial agent, and tends to dry out the skin some.

Persistency Is The Key

No matter what medication you actually use for your acne treatment, you need to remember that any over-the-counter medication will not work overnight. It will take at least a couple of days - if not a week or more, to see any real results.

If these do not work, or if you have a more serious acne, visit your general practitioner who can help you with a stronger acne treatment.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

6 Easy Tips For Handling Acne

Are you seeking for acne treatment that really works? There is good news for you, whether you're an adult or teenager suffering from acne, there is a solution for you. Here you can find 6 super easy and effective ways to handling acne.

First, you should try to treat your acne as naturally as possible. It is always a good idea to use natural treatment than human made chemicals. Because natural medicines don't produce any negative side effects. Don't you want to know that what you're placing on your skin and in your body? Don't you want to spend less money on treatment by using homemade products and foods?

Second, prevention is better than cure. Particularly in teenage you should take extra caution before its too late and your acne cause a big problem. It is important that you know what acne is and how to cure it, but more importantly, you should be ready for the ultimate reply. That'll significantly develop your affirmative belief and your confidence.

Third, you should make clear in your mind that the treatment you use doesn't produce any harmful side effects. You should take care that you don't get any uncomfortable feel or get sick. If you are not sure that how your body will react to a particular treatment then you should think about alternative method to cure your acne.

Fourth, you have to realize that acne on your face is not your mistake. You should not bother for it. Instead, it is an uncomplicated problem that you can easily avoid with the right kind of positive approach. Do not over internalize the acne issue that you are facing with your skin. Don't be anxious, you're still sexy and your acne will get away soon.

Fifth, healthy diet and vitamins play very important part to cure your acne. But you should know the exact information about what type of foods and vitamins are useful to your skin. There are lot of acne creams and lotions available in the market. They are fine bit they work only on outside part of your skin. But acne should be cure from inside.

Sixth, when finding the appropriate acne treatment, you should have proper references about that treatment. Like before and after pictures and hundreds of testimonials of people who actually used that particular method. You should make sure that the particular method or product works for both men and women of all ages.

Finally, here is a bonus tip for you. Did you know that you can considerably remove acne within a week? Lot of people successfully removes their acne in just 3 to 4 days. The only thing you need to know is the proper formula that works.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Acne : Where Do We Go Wrong ?

We go wrong with acne when we do not get proper help and advice. Too many people think that it is a normal part of growing up to have an acne problem and that it will just eventually go away as you get older. Well I'm here to tell you different because this is not the case.

Sure many adolescents in particular have a period of time in their life where they have the odd pimple or two. They use a cleanser and some over the counter pimple cream and in time their pimples disappear and life goes on. But sadly this is not the case for many people, adults included.

There is a major difference between acne and a few pimples believe me! Acne needs proper treatment often in the form of medication to help dry up the oil secretions under the skin. You will may likely have to see a dermatologist to help with this annoying condition. Sometimes your local GP can help you but many times he will send you to see the dermatologist as well.

Why suffer the humiliation of having a face covered in acne when there is help? Too many people lock themselves away from the world living with the hope that their acne will disappear over night and their life will be back to normal. What a waste of life! You could be out having fun with your friends and gaining back that lost self-esteem before you know it.

Try checking out the web for the best advice from people who have been successful in combating this condition and find out what solutions they found to help them. There are many forms of medication and creams that can be bought that have been proven to work. There are also natural remedies that can be helpful. The important thing is that you do not just sit and wait for a miracle. Get out there and do something!

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