Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Avoid Acne

Wash Your Skin Regularly
It is vital that you have a regular cleanliness routine. If we do not wash our skin then grease and dirt that natural and unavoidable build up through out the day, will clog opens pores, resulting in acne.

In order to avoid this it is vital you wash your skin at least twice a day with a proper facial wash and warm water to remove all the dirt and grease effectively. It is ideal to wash your face in the morning and again at a night before bed.

Change Your Pillow Case
If you are suffering from facial acne, you must change your pillow case frequently. If you do not swoop your old pillow case for a fresh and clean new one, you will risk spreading you acne infection and making existing blemished worse. Depending on how severe you acne is you should changer your pillow every night or at least every two nights.

Avoid Oils and Irritants
The open pores in our skin are particularly vulnerable to getting blocked up excess dirt and grease, ultimately causing painful cystic spots. Luckily their are some very simple steps you can take to avoid this.

Avoid touching your face. It is incredibly easy to transfer excess oils and dirt form your figure tips onto your delicate skin.

If you suffer from forehead acne and you wear hats and hair bands regularly, make sure that you wash them after each use. Otherwise, just like with the pillow case, you will spread the acne infection.

If you know you use the phone a lot, be aware that after every use you would have left oil onto the hand set. To avoid any extra acne infections, just wipe down the phone with a clean cloth after each use.

By: Sophie Tucker
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stress Acne

Acne becomes a problem to a person at least in one point of his or her life. No one has escaped the experience of having one. Some occasionally experience this especially to girls who experience the imbalance of hormones from time to time because of their menstruation.

Some are genetically affected by these situations for inheriting this from their parents. Some are experiencing acne because of a factor that everyone has encountered-stress.

Is it true that stress causes acne?

It has been a long time issue if stress really causes acne. Some claim that stress has nothing to do with it. However, through experience and observation, the claim that this is only a coincidence makes it invalid by the repetition of the occurrence to different individuals.

Students and employees have often observed that they commonly have acne breakout when they are bombarded of papers and works to do.

Should I avoid stress?

Stress is something that is experienced by everyone. If not often, stress still exists in everybody's life. This even makes us human beings.

What Should I do?

1. The best thing that someone could do is to have the right stress management. Stress, of not handled well will not only lead to acne but to worse situations. Going back, a person must know what to do in times of stressful situations.

2. One can do anything that he or she knows that will release the negative aura that might be kept in a person for being exhausted. Some are not really aware of this. Such activities are sports, arts or literature. Something that can make a person forget about the things that worry him or her.

3. Also, a time to have a break is really important. A place where there is water or green trees, anything that is related with the nature will be good. The surroundings will be clean which is good for the skin. one more thing is that, there is a study that stress is being absorbed by the environment.

By: Sheila Rex Walker
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