Thursday, May 12, 2011

Benefits of Blue Light Laser Acne Treatment

Everyone goes through it at one point in time in their lives. Not only adolescents but adults have their fair share of acne problems. Traditional treatment of acne has caused so much paranoia because of the intense pain people have to go through.

Good news! Those painful days are long gone. Nowadays, everyone is ecstatic with the wonderful results brought about by light laser treatment. Recent studies conducted showed that 85% of people undergoing this treatment are garnering positive results. Stubborn acne problems that don't respond to topical ointments and treatments can now be effectively treated through the blue light acne treatment.

Known to be used worldwide, most people facing acne problems are turning to this method of treatment. Here are the benefits of using this light treatment:

• Blue light is natural and not harmful to the skin and has no side effects unlike the ultraviolet rays. UV rays are not used in treating skin disorders anymore because it causes skin cancer.

• Once the acne in your skin is exposed to the blue light, it causes a certain mechanism to kill the bacteria that causes acne. After several treatments, it will eventually cause the skin to clear out. There would be instances when blue light treatment is done individually while other times it is treated together with a topical medication.

• The treatment lasts only 15 minutes per session. Depending on the severity of your acne problems, your doctor or skin therapist will advise you on the duration of your treatments. Usually it would last a total of 8 weeks. No lesion takes place in fact; patients would assure you that the process is perfectly painless.

• Slight side effects can happen to patients like stinging, redness, dryness and some skin discoloration but all these are only temporary.

• Treatment is safe for all ages. For this reason, it is FDA approved.

Important thing to take note of before going through this treatment is to inform your skin caregiver if you are undergoing medication that increases photo sensitivity. This will not work well with the blue light laser treatment.

Among all the acne light treatment available in the market today, the blue light laser acne is the most well liked because of its effectiveness in treating acne problems. If you are having skin problems and previous medications are not working. It is high time to try this FDA approved method of treating acne. To know more about this laser treatment, come visit my site today!

By: Manroop Ahitan
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Myths About Acne That You Must Know

Acne is a common skin disease that affects both teens and adults. Most people who suffer from this skin disease are misinformed and they are confused and unaware about the causes of acne. They believe what their friends tell them who do not have knowledge of this disease. Here are some common myths about acne that you must know.

Contrary to what most people think Acne is not always caused by what you eat. Although some people may notice changes in their skin after they eat greasy food or chocolates. These changes are actually caused by allergies and not acne. There are many studies that have been conducted to find the correlation between ache and your diet. However, most studies did not find any connection between acne and the food you eat. Acne is usually caused by excess secretion of oil and obstruction of your pores.

Acne is not the result of poor hygiene. However, if it is important that you ensure your pores are clean to prevent the growth of infection causing bacteria. In fact, vigorous cleaning of the skin can make acne worse. Experts are of the view that you must wash your face twice a day with a mild soap to prevent the growth of acne.

NEVER pick or pop your pimples as it will only help in aggravating the infection. Popping your pimples could also cause permanent scars on your face. Your pimples will heal faster if you let them pop on your own.

Most people believe that only teenagers get acne. This is far from truth as mild acne start appearing from a very early age. Adolescent acne will start appearing when puberty begins. Adult acne affects people who are in the age group of 20 to 50. However, for women acne could last until their menopause.

Oily skin can be one of the causes but is not the main cause of acne. Your pimples appear because your pores are blocked and oil in your body cannot make way to the surface of the skin where they can be washed.

Many people believe that acne is contagious and it can spread if you tough a person who suffers from. No one knows how these rumors have started and spread. Acne is caused due to a combination of various factors and not because it is contagious or because you touch someone who suffers from acne.

Tanning does not help in reducing acne. It only makes your skin darker and hides the redness of your pimples. Obtaining 15 to 20 minutes of everyday is good for your bones and they help you obtain Vitamin D. However, too much exposure to sun can cause sun burns, wrinkles or even skin cancer. It is in your interest to avoid tanning beds as they increase the risk of skin cancer.

Many people are under the impression that if they use more cream than required they can get rid of their pimples faster. This is not true as using excess cream will only result in waste of your hard-earned money. You must use acne cream only as directed by your doctor. If you forget a dose don't compensate by using two doses at the same time.

By: Abhishek Choudhari
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Newborn Baby Acne

Infants seem like angels from paradise. They possess the appearance of this blithe, which can uplift anyone's bad day. Babies may have small bumps like a whitehead, that messes with their faces. It may disappear after a few days so it doesn't really count. In this article, we will talk about baby acne.

This problem develops after the baby turns three months old. The damaged surfaces are your newborn's face, back and chin area. This acne goes away, even if you don't treat it. You shouldn't prick them because the skin of babies is more sensitive than your skin. You can worsen it, instead of making it better.

You need to make sure that you use a mild soap which will best fit the skin of your baby, while you are expecting for the baby acne to heal on its own. Infant acne treatments include good hygiene and healthy diet, too. Getting rid of newborn acne will not be a problem to you, if you use and remember these tips.

These mentioned tips may be used to mild cases. Infants with severe redness and itching must consult their dermatologists and pediatricians. They will be your guide in taking care of your infant's acne. The newborn acne treatment which will be given by the pediatrician would be the greatest solution for removing the severe acne symptoms.

If your baby's acne is more severe, you need to use chemical medications such as over the counter medication and benzoyl peroxide. You can use the solutions of hydrocortisone and the ionic colloidal silver. they can treat baby acne effectively as They kill the bacteria. They reduce itching and promote healthy skin growth.

By: Ayman_Abdelghafar
More information about Baby acne:

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Tips to Prevent Acne

In order to know how to prevent acne, you should know what the disease is all about. There are several ways through which you can prevent the disease as it is an over activation of the oil glands of the skin.

On top of that, a lot of bacteria can also get collected in the skin due to the arrival of the disease. During the stage of puberty, a whole lot of bacteria get collected in the skin and it results in acne. Due to this particular reason, young people especially teenagers are more prone to the disease.

Some of the ways which you can adopt in order to How To Prevent Acne can be mentioned as follows:

First of all, you should know the fact that there is no such 'one tip to prevent acne'. There are lots of tips which you can try out together and let's hope you can recover quickly, if you are afflicted by the problem. It is very essential to wash your skin properly when you are having acne. But do not ever rush with the process of washing as it can cause severe damage to your skin.

If you like to exercise, wash your skin well after the workout. The sweat which occurs on your skin can cause a lot of problems and result in the formation of acne. Washing will provide the right freshness to the skin of your face. When you are using any kind of lotion on your skin, do not use the ones which can block the pores. If the pores are blocked, then there is a definite chance that you will get acne.

How To prevent acne Guide also tells you that oily hair sprays or gel can have a negative impact on the skin. The excess amount of oil in the hair products that you use, aggravate acne. When you are having acne on some of the areas of your body like the chest and the skin, you should not wear any kind of tight clothes.

When you are having acne, do not hurt your skin by squeezing it in any way. You should know that it can lead to skin infection, which has side effects like fever. As per How To Prevent Acne Guide you should engage in Acne Prevention by not putting on make up while going to bed in the night. This is one of the important ways of How To prevent pimples.

By: Logan Yanany
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Get Rid of Acne Scar Naturally

Acne scars are the blemishes or the watery spots occurring on the skin and spoiling the smoothness of the skin. They get problematic owing to the delay in recovery. Some might prolong their stay on the skin forever. Though it is always advisable to see a doctor for acne treatment, one can even try some natural remedies for treating this acne problem. This natural treatment can certainly return the natural glow of the skin.

Drinking plenty of water: Quoting some experts, water is the best treatment available for acne scars. Water is an amazing cleanser and has rejuvenating properties too. Hydrated body helps to cleanse the dead skin cells from the body. Also, growth of the new skin cells is facilitated when there is enough water in the body.

Increase your intake of lemon juice: Citric acid, present in the lemon juice, is effective for treating acne scars. It facilitates rapid shedding of the dead skin cells; while also promoting the growth of the new and healthy cells.

Vitamin rich fruits and vegetables: People having acne must exercise an increased love for fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in essential minerals and vitamins that are helpful for restoring the natural beauty of the skin. The juices contained in the fruits help to maintain the water balance in the body. Thus a rich intake of fruits and vegetables is certainly a primary step towards getting a healthy looking skin.

Intake of balanced diet: Just like any other disease, a large part of the healing process depends on the diet. A nutritious and a balanced diet is a must for ensuring a healthy and a glowing skin. A healthy diet also supplies all the essential nutrients necessary for fighting the infections that can complicate the acne scars.

The application of Aloe vera gel on the scars also helps in getting rid of the acne scars. Tomato is also helpful for treating acne scars as it contains Vitamin A that controls the overproduction of sebum that is primarily responsible for causing acne scars. The antioxidant properties of tomato are also responsible for rejuvenating the damaged skin.

Other treatments for acne can include using honey, fullers' earth, rubbing ice cubes over the infected area or even using rose water. Following these natural remedies will certainly help you getting rid of acne.

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By: Ogidi Pat

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homemade Acne Treatments That Work Fast

Acne has a persisting aspect to it but it could be curbed effectively with some very simple home remedies. How do acne form? Millions of cells in the body die as normal course. These cells mix with the oil secreted from the glands just under the skin. The mixture closes the pores in the body and get trapped within. When it comes into contact with air, they become black. Eruption of these cause acne. Home remedies recommended are many and varied.

Rose water mixed with lime juice in equal measure is a very good remedy for acne. After applying it on the area affected by acne, wait for 30 or 40 minutes before washing it off with tepid water. Grind turmeric to a fine paste using drops of mint juice and apply. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off after 30 or 40 minutes.

A very good way of getting rid of acne is to apply a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon powder. The drawback here is it may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Fenugreek leaves should be ground to a fine paste, put on the face in the night. Leave it overnight and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning. This home remedy not only cures pimples but is also a preventive medicine.

Blackheads, wrinkles and whiteheads also come into its ambit of cure. Roast and power pomegranate peel. Mix with lemon juice and apply on black or white heads, pimple or acne and watch them all disappear. Apply it in the night at bedtime and wash it off in the morning.

If you can stand the not very welcome smell of garlic, it is a remedy that is worth trying. Just cut a garlic and rub it fresh on and around. You can see it all going away leaving no mark at all. Sandalwood and rosewater combination is a good remedy too. Make a paste of the two and apply. Rinse the face when you feel it tugging at the facial muscles.

But if your acne case is as sever as mine was, and you are searching for natural means of getting rid of those disgusting pimples as fast as possible, then you have to look a bit further and if you ask me, I'll advise you read up my experiences with acne and how I was able to get rid of it in a short time that beat my imagination.

By: Ogidi Pat
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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Avoid Acne

Wash Your Skin Regularly
It is vital that you have a regular cleanliness routine. If we do not wash our skin then grease and dirt that natural and unavoidable build up through out the day, will clog opens pores, resulting in acne.

In order to avoid this it is vital you wash your skin at least twice a day with a proper facial wash and warm water to remove all the dirt and grease effectively. It is ideal to wash your face in the morning and again at a night before bed.

Change Your Pillow Case
If you are suffering from facial acne, you must change your pillow case frequently. If you do not swoop your old pillow case for a fresh and clean new one, you will risk spreading you acne infection and making existing blemished worse. Depending on how severe you acne is you should changer your pillow every night or at least every two nights.

Avoid Oils and Irritants
The open pores in our skin are particularly vulnerable to getting blocked up excess dirt and grease, ultimately causing painful cystic spots. Luckily their are some very simple steps you can take to avoid this.

Avoid touching your face. It is incredibly easy to transfer excess oils and dirt form your figure tips onto your delicate skin.

If you suffer from forehead acne and you wear hats and hair bands regularly, make sure that you wash them after each use. Otherwise, just like with the pillow case, you will spread the acne infection.

If you know you use the phone a lot, be aware that after every use you would have left oil onto the hand set. To avoid any extra acne infections, just wipe down the phone with a clean cloth after each use.

By: Sophie Tucker
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stress Acne

Acne becomes a problem to a person at least in one point of his or her life. No one has escaped the experience of having one. Some occasionally experience this especially to girls who experience the imbalance of hormones from time to time because of their menstruation.

Some are genetically affected by these situations for inheriting this from their parents. Some are experiencing acne because of a factor that everyone has encountered-stress.

Is it true that stress causes acne?

It has been a long time issue if stress really causes acne. Some claim that stress has nothing to do with it. However, through experience and observation, the claim that this is only a coincidence makes it invalid by the repetition of the occurrence to different individuals.

Students and employees have often observed that they commonly have acne breakout when they are bombarded of papers and works to do.

Should I avoid stress?

Stress is something that is experienced by everyone. If not often, stress still exists in everybody's life. This even makes us human beings.

What Should I do?

1. The best thing that someone could do is to have the right stress management. Stress, of not handled well will not only lead to acne but to worse situations. Going back, a person must know what to do in times of stressful situations.

2. One can do anything that he or she knows that will release the negative aura that might be kept in a person for being exhausted. Some are not really aware of this. Such activities are sports, arts or literature. Something that can make a person forget about the things that worry him or her.

3. Also, a time to have a break is really important. A place where there is water or green trees, anything that is related with the nature will be good. The surroundings will be clean which is good for the skin. one more thing is that, there is a study that stress is being absorbed by the environment.

By: Sheila Rex Walker
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