Thursday, May 12, 2011

Benefits of Blue Light Laser Acne Treatment

Everyone goes through it at one point in time in their lives. Not only adolescents but adults have their fair share of acne problems. Traditional treatment of acne has caused so much paranoia because of the intense pain people have to go through.

Good news! Those painful days are long gone. Nowadays, everyone is ecstatic with the wonderful results brought about by light laser treatment. Recent studies conducted showed that 85% of people undergoing this treatment are garnering positive results. Stubborn acne problems that don't respond to topical ointments and treatments can now be effectively treated through the blue light acne treatment.

Known to be used worldwide, most people facing acne problems are turning to this method of treatment. Here are the benefits of using this light treatment:

• Blue light is natural and not harmful to the skin and has no side effects unlike the ultraviolet rays. UV rays are not used in treating skin disorders anymore because it causes skin cancer.

• Once the acne in your skin is exposed to the blue light, it causes a certain mechanism to kill the bacteria that causes acne. After several treatments, it will eventually cause the skin to clear out. There would be instances when blue light treatment is done individually while other times it is treated together with a topical medication.

• The treatment lasts only 15 minutes per session. Depending on the severity of your acne problems, your doctor or skin therapist will advise you on the duration of your treatments. Usually it would last a total of 8 weeks. No lesion takes place in fact; patients would assure you that the process is perfectly painless.

• Slight side effects can happen to patients like stinging, redness, dryness and some skin discoloration but all these are only temporary.

• Treatment is safe for all ages. For this reason, it is FDA approved.

Important thing to take note of before going through this treatment is to inform your skin caregiver if you are undergoing medication that increases photo sensitivity. This will not work well with the blue light laser treatment.

Among all the acne light treatment available in the market today, the blue light laser acne is the most well liked because of its effectiveness in treating acne problems. If you are having skin problems and previous medications are not working. It is high time to try this FDA approved method of treating acne. To know more about this laser treatment, come visit my site today!

By: Manroop Ahitan
Manroop Ahitan is a successful acne light therapist specializing in Blue Light Acne Treatment. She is the owner of Affordable Skin Clinic in Southall Middx UK. If you are interested to learn more about her different acne treatments, please visit her website

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